Canada’s new Food Guide incorporates specific recommendations for eating the right foods according to an individual’s age and gender, and also offers tips regarding serving size for each food. Preferred cooking methods for certain foods are also given, as well as suggestions for maintaining a wholesome lifestyle and body weight with daily physical activity.

Canada’s new Food Guide encourages the intake of plant-based proteins like legumes and soy products rather than meats and dairy (although still advises to give whole milk, low-fat yogurt and cheese to young children). The dairy group has been removed given the high prevalence of lactose intolerance. The canadian guidelines advise people to just drink water. Canada’s new Food Guide also recommends avoiding fruit juices — even those that are 100 percent fruit — as well as other sweetened beverages and energy drinks, instead suggesting water as by far the best way to stay hydrated.

The Canadian guidelines also promote making food from scratch when possible, while also acknowledging that frozen, packaged and canned foods can be worthy substitutes. Canada’s new guidelines highlight how our food choices impact the environment and the best ways to keep it clean and safe.


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