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Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

To eat or not to eat?  That is the question to answer… but why? Just like the other meals consumed throughout the day, the purpose of breakfast is to fuel our body for the upcoming demands of the day. Yes, some of us may not feel hungry first thing in the morning, but I betContinue reading

Could a cup of Coffee help your endurance?

A review study conducted by the University of Georgia, published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, looked at caffeine from coffee and improvement on athletic endurance. Simon Higgins, a doctoral student in kinesiology at the University of Georgia reviewed more the 600 scholarly articles on coffee and focused on those thatContinue reading

Omega-3:Omega-6, What’s the best ratio?

Omega 3 and omega 6 are both essential fatty acids, but the ratio of each in our diet can play a vital role in overall health. Omega-3’s are found in fish, olive oil, garlic, and walnuts.Omega-3’s are important for reducing inflammation which in turn can potentially reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, asthmaContinue reading

Steps for better recovery

As an individual who is very active, proper recovery from exercise is just as important as exercise itself. Here are a few things to remember to improve your recovery: Get sufficient rest Sleep is so important for the muscles to grow and recover. Depending on the person it is recommended you get between 7 andContinue reading

Tips for better hydration

Fluid intake during exercise is important not only for better maintenance of exercise and performance, but aids in the slowing of exercise-induced rise in heart rate and temperature. This means that blood flow to the skin in improved or maintained. However, not all athletes and exercise modes are the same for the fluid requirements. WhenContinue reading

Iron and Athletes

We asked the dietitians at SportsRDpro to answer a few questions about Iron. Iron status should be well monitored in athletes. It plays a critical role in physical endurance! Did you know you can lose iron through sweat as well as blood loss? In order to get sufficient iron as an athlete it is recommendedContinue reading

Are you getting enough protein?

Are you getting enough protein? Depending on your sport type and requirements of you as an athlete can change the amount you need on a daily basis. No matter what type of athlete you are, you protein requirements are still more than that of the general population. If you are an endurance athlete (swimmer, cross-countryContinue reading

Do you know what 3rd party testing is in supplements? NSF V. Informed Sport

NSF V. Informed Sport NSF Certified for Sport There are numerous quality components of the Certified for Sport® certification program, which verifies that: 1. Products do not contain any of approximately 270+ substances banned by major athletic organizations. 2. The contents of the supplement actually match what is printed on the label. 3. There areContinue reading

Endurance Series, Part 3: What role does dietary protein play in an endurance athlete?

As with any other athlete, our focus with protein is to provide enough at optimal times to support rapid turnover, body breaking down muscle to body building muscle, and beneficial metabolic adaptations initiated by training. Protein recommendations vary from athlete to athlete. General protein recommendation for endurance athletes is 1.2-2.0g/kg per day.  Factors to considerContinue reading

Endurance Series, Part 2: Does Carb loading improve performance for endurance exercise?

Research has proven that carbohydrate loading improves performance by 2-3% in events lasting longer than 90 minutes. How does it work? Starting 3 days before the event, when intensity of exercise is starting to taper down, consuming greater amounts of carbohydrate, 6-8g/kg/day, will increase glycogen stores and help to prevent fatigue during the event. DoesContinue reading

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