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Endurance Series, Part 2: Does Carb loading improve performance for endurance exercise?

Research has proven that carbohydrate loading improves performance by 2-3% in events lasting longer than 90 minutes. How does it work? Starting 3 days before the event, when intensity of exercise is starting to taper down, consuming greater amounts of carbohydrate, 6-8g/kg/day, will increase glycogen stores and help to prevent fatigue during the event. DoesContinue reading

Endurance Series, Part 1: What happens when blood glucose isn’t enough for my run?

When exercising both fat and carbohydrates are used to provide the body with energy to make it through the workout. The intensity and duration of the workout determines which substrate is more heavily relied upon. Regardless of whether fat is the predominant energy source, carbohydrate availability is the limiting factor. Where does my body getContinue reading

What’s new in the Canadian nutrition guidelines?

Canada’s new Food Guide incorporates specific recommendations for eating the right foods according to an individual’s age and gender, and also offers tips regarding serving size for each food. Preferred cooking methods for certain foods are also given, as well as suggestions for maintaining a wholesome lifestyle and body weight with daily physical activity. Canada’sContinue reading

Learning more about Vitamin D

We asked the dietitians at SportsRDpro to answer a few questions about Vitamin D. Q: How much vitamin D do I need? A: The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends serum Vitamin D levels to be 75 nmol/L. Q: How do I know if I have enough Vitamin D? A: The best way is to getContinue reading

Zone Diet

According to SportsRDpro the Zone Diet is named based on the thought that the “zone” is the metabolic state at which the body is performing at optimum efficiency. Although the Zone diet is classified as a lower-carb diet, the carbohydrate recommendation is only slightly lower than the USDA recommendation of 45-65% of caloric intake. ManipulationContinue reading

Paleo Diet

Rationale for the paleo diet stems from the belief that humans stopped evolving 10,000 years ago.  In other words, our genetics have not changed since the Stone Age and therefore are not conducive to our modern diet and lifestyle. Hunter-gatherer foods such as meats, fruits and vegetables are acceptable.  Dairy products, legumes, and cereals/grains areContinue reading

Why focus on your health this new year?

No, this is not a trick question.  Rather than all of the crazy, unrealistic, New Year’s resolutions people make, our health should be taking priority. New Year’s Resolution is just another name for a personal goal.  New year, new resolution, new me. Sounds great, right? One of the few studies conducted on the outcome ofContinue reading

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

According to SportsRDpro, a Ketogenic Diet is an extremely low carbohydrate and high fat diet. It has been shown to produce beneficial metabolic changes and weight loss in the short-term, however not much research has shown benefits on the long-term. Health parameters associated with carrying excess weight do improve, such as insulin resistance, high bloodContinue reading

Will reducing carbs help me become healthier?

According to SportsRDpro, temporarily reducing any macronutrient (carb, fat, or protein) and not replacing it with other calories will potentially lead to weight loss. However, sustained health is best achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not by dieting. Recent research studies have once again echoed the belief that moderation is best. These studies showed thatContinue reading

What are the best non processed foods to eat during a marathon/Ironman?

Fueling during a marathon/ironman is important in order to maintain energy levels and thus peak performance throughout the duration of the event. About fifty percent of energy is supplied from carbohydrates. As your body’s quick energy reserve (liver and muscle glycogen) starts empty, it becomes more reliant on the sugar in our blood to provideContinue reading

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