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Tendonitis vs. Tendonosis: A Look At What You’re Facing

No athlete wants to hear the dreaded words that they have a diagnosis that could limit their activity, but it is important to know what to expect when facing downtime. Tendonitis isn’t an unfamiliar affliction for most active people. In fact, however, increasingly, we find that tendonosis is more responsible for chronic issues than tendonitis.Continue reading

Best Quick Sources of Protein

Most people understand that protein is an important part of healthy diet but a classic mistake is not looking at the source or where it comes from. If the 80’s were about low fat, the past 20 years has been about eating enough protein to gain or maintain lean muscle. We always want to lookContinue reading

3 Ways to Shake Off A Cold (and avoid allergies too!)

Spring is here at last. While many of us are ready to jump into spring activities, tons of us are still walking around with junk and funk from a lingering cold.  Try these no-nonsense solutions.  They are affordable, have no side-effects and easy to do. 1. Apple Cider Zinger:  Place a tsp of grated ginger, 1Continue reading

Treating Multi-Directional Instability in the Overhead Athlete

Multi-directional instability of the shoulder can be a difficult diagnosis for the overhead athlete wanting to participate in volleyball, baseball, softball, and tennis. The associated pain with this diagnosis often sidelines athletes for significant amounts of time and this is one of the most common diagnoses seen at Carolina Sports Clinic physical therapy in Charlotte,Continue reading

How to Fix Your Achilles Heal – Part 2: Ensuring It Doesn’t Return

In “How To Fix Your Achilles Heel, Part 1: Reducing Recovery Time” we went though some of the best treatment options to get you back on your feet quickly. In this post, we address another important question: How do you make sure it doesn’t come back? In order to allow any tissue that is injuredContinue reading

ACL Reconstruction Recovery Time

One of the most difficult injuries for an athlete to recover from in a tear of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) of the knee. Fortunately, recent research and rehabilitation techniques have greatly improved the recovery process follow reconstruction of the ACL. The unbelievable return of NFL running back Adrian Peterson in only 6 shorts monthsContinue reading

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