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I just left my first appointment with Zach Long and I want to share a few things about my session! I was very nervous about physical therapy because everywhere I have gone the staff usually gives you an exercise and then they move on to work with someone else. No such case in my visit with Zach, he was hands on and even when he stepped away the interns were told to watch me! He was very informative and explained every step of the session! Through our conversations we found out we were born in the same city! Wow…I am very grateful and excited about my progress in just one session. ~ Freda

I have been a patient at Carolina Sports Clinic for several years. Brad and his team have helped me through injuries like stress fractures, hip strains, shoulder tendonitis….just to name a few. As a competitive CrossFit athlete, I am hard on my body but can always count on CSC to quickly identify the problem and provide the best treatment plan possible to get me back on the competition floor. Because the staff is comprised of athletes….they get it….they get that your sport or your fitness goals are your passion and they are there to help you stay healthy and keep moving. As a CrossFit gym owner, they are always my first recommendation for any of my athletes that are battling injury or mobility issues. ~ Michelle V. Crawford, Owner – CrossFit Rising

As I have become a more competitive triathlete the training load has increased and as a result the impact of training and racing on my body has increased significantly. I am so grateful to have Carolina Sports Clinic to help meet all of my recovery and rehabilitation needs. Brad’s treatment has been second to none and has allowed me to compete at some of the highest levels in the sport of triathlon. My appointments at CSC keep me in peak condition during heavy training blocks and fine tune my body before races. Brad treats me as if I am an world championship triathlete, not an amateur trying to land on the podium. He’s been willing to extend his work day to fit me in his schedule and has answered questions from me over the weekend. Carolina Sports Clinic and Brad truly provide world class service with the most innovative techniques in sports medicine. Thanks for keeping me #CSCstrong! ~ Jen Keith – Triathlete

As a long distance runner and marathon/half marathon coach, staying active, being fit, and able to train consistently is a top priority. To maintain a high level of training takes dedication, hard work and a lot of support. One place I get amazing support from is Carolina Sports Clinic. CSC has the expertise, resources and equipment I need to help myself as well as the runners I coach achieve awesome results in our RFY training and in our races.

The support we get from Carolina Sports Clinic starts with injury prevention including advise and classes on: proper running form, core and hip strengthening, flexibility/range of motion, nutrition, and proper post training recovery.

The support continues with all the latest techniques and equipment available (chiropractic, Active Release, Graston, EPAT, acupuncture, dry needling, compression sleeves, custom orthotics, taping, etc) to keep us in top form and on the roads.

If an injury does happen to pop up, CSC has the staff resources, knowledge, and time available to quickly address that injury and get us back to our passion.

Finally, Dr Josh Kollmann and his entire staff really care. They know when we reach out for help or advise, it is critical to help us quickly, professionally and with concern. I can tell you first hand, they deliver the results we seek without fail. Dr Josh and the staff have helped me extend an awesome running career which as spanned over 30 years and over 170,000 over running miles. I know they can help you too! ~ Joe Schlereth

I am a competitive crossfitter who suffers from rhumatoid arthritis, and has had to undergo knee and thumb surgery in the past 18 months. Dr. Brad has been treating me for almost 2 years and, without his care, I would not be able to be in the gym every day. Dr. Brad guided me through an aggressive and effective rehabilitation of both my knee and thumb and had me back out competing much sooner that I would have ever expected. He also helps me manage my arthritis on a weekly basis, using ART, dry needling, kinesiotaping, and massage, to keep me moving and pain free. Dr. Brad ALWAYS finds time in his busy schedule to see me (and my numerous injured teammates), even on an emergency basis. Dr. Brad truly understands the “athlete mentality” and works with us to safely and effectively get us back out to the field, court, course, or gym as soon as possible. Dr. Brad and his team at CSC have become my “go to” for all of my aches and pains, bumps and bruises – their professionalism, care, and compassion are second to none. ~ Lorraine Castle​

I’ve been a patient at CSC for one year now. I had been dealing with a low back injury for 3 months when I first made an appointment. I had gone to 3 different clinics in Charlotte and received very little relief from my pain and was severely limited at work. I work in public safety so coming to work with a compromised body is not only dangerous for me, but those I work with and those who’s emergency I’m responding to.

I quickly realized that CSC is a top-notch facility. Prior to my recent injury, I had dealt with back pain for 16 years and had seen several chiropractors and physical therapists in two different states. In all that time and in all those clinics, I never experienced a treatment like I did with Dr. Josh. I was so surprised that, after my first appointment, I asked him what I could expect during a typical visit. This was not the typical 5-minute, in-and-out experience. This was a 20-minute, comprehensive visit. He does so much more than simply adjusting me. And he’s very open to answering questions and addressing concerns. He’s easily the best chiropractor I’ve been to.

I’ve also worked a lot with Brittany (Lil Britt) and she’s amazing. She works very hard, goes the extra mile, and is a lot of fun to work with. She really operates like an extension of Josh. They’re a great team and I’ve achieved great results with them.

Their front office staff is always very fun and yet professional. I simply can’t say enough good things about CSC. I’ve recommended them to my co-workers, who’ve also achieved great results, and I’ll recommend them to anyone else. ~ Nick Headley

I have partnered with Carolina Sports Clinic for my functional screening, strength, balance, flexibility, injury prevention and recovery needs. After having to drop out of a marathon in June 2014 due to a worsening hamstring/hip tightness, I sought out the professionals at CSC to help me going forward to not only prevent that from happening again, but also to help me become a stronger, more balanced and flexible athlete. The results were a big PR, course record and national age record in my next marathon. ~ Alana Hadley – 32nd Fastest US Marathon Woman in 2014, only one under 21

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