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At CAROLINA SPORTS CLINIC we offer a range of services and are committed to providing you with personalized, comprehensive chiropractic care using the latest, most innovative techniques for sports medicine. Our goal is to eliminate your pain and symptoms and restore full function to get you back to the active lifestyle that you deserve!

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Select any of our services listed below to learn more.  Please make sure to refer to each Clinic Location for a list of services available at that location.

Sports Chiropractic
Sports Chiropractic
Physical Therapy
physical therapy
Dry Needling
dry needling
Fascial Stretch Therapy
Fascial Stretch Therapy
Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy - Carolina Sports Clinic
Normatec Recovery
normatec recovery
Blood Flow Restriction
blood flow restriction
Custom Orthotics
custom orthotics
Titleist Institute Assessment
titleist institute assessments
Concierge Appointments
Concierge Appointments - Carolina Sports Clinic - Available at Blakeney
Run Analysis
Run Analysis - Carolina Sports Clinic - Charlotte, NC
PEMF (Electrons+)

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Live Better.

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