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Massage Services at Carolina Sports Clinic

Thai – Thai massage combines passive yoga-like stretching with gentle pressure along your body’s natural energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle tension, and enhance your overall well-being. The session is performed on a special mat on the floor, leaving you with a deeply nourished, relaxed, and energized feeling. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that will allow for a full range of motion during the stretches.

Deep Tissue – A massage that penetrates the deeper layers of muscles within the body.

Sports – A massage tailored to the athlete to facilitate recovery through increased blood flow within the body.

Swedish – A lighter therapeutic massage that aids in circulation and stress relief.

Pregnancy – key word, relaxation! A pregnancy massage will help decrease any swelling and increase circulation. It increases the flow of nutrients to the placenta, aids in postural realignment and gives relief to joint discomfort. The fetus receives gentle massage and relaxation benefits as well.

Reflexology – A full body massage through the feet, hands, and ears. Pressure points are used to work zones of feet and hands to mirror the body.


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