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Physical Therapy At Carolina Sports Clinic

Physical therapy focuses on prevention, examination, treatment, and improving the athletic performance of physically active individuals. Physical therapists are often referred to as the experts in movement in the medical community as their focus is on helping individuals return to the activities that they enjoy doing.

Through pre-participation screening, fitness programming, and equipment adjustments, our physical therapists can help active-individuals reduce their risk of injuries as well as minimize sports participation time lost if an injury happens to occur. Recent research in the field of physical therapy has greatly improved knowledge of injury risk factors, thus allowing for our physical therapy team to effectively identify “weak links” in an active individual, that when addressed will help decrease injuries and improve longevity of athletes.

Physical therapists are skilled at the diagnosis of movement dysfunctions as it relates to individual’s specific activities and goals. This can be done in both acute and chronic injuries, as well as with both surgical and non-surgical neuromusculoskeletal diagnoses. Examination focuses not just on the specific site of injury, but also on the surrounding areas that may contribute to the lesion. Perhaps most importantly, the physical therapists at Carolina Sports Clinic are trained to evaluate active-individuals after an injury to determine when it is safe for them to return to activity.

Physical therapy focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal injuries. Our physical therapists use a variety of tools to treat injuries including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations & manipulations, corrective exercise prescription, dry needling, and Functional Movement Systems. Physical therapists strive to teach patients how to both manage their conditions more independently and prevent re-injury for long term health.

Performance Enhancement:
The physical therapy team at Carolina Sports Clinic has a wide range of athletic and coaching backgrounds giving them the tools needed to help active individuals improve their performance. Our team can evaluate individuals based on their specific sports or activity movement requirements. This allows for the development of corrective exercise programs or entire strength & conditioning systems to address an athlete’s deficiencies in mobility, strength, motor control, or sports-specific cardiovascular demands.

Our physical therapy team regularly speaks with athletes, parents, coaches, and physicians about preventative techniques and management principles to keep athletes in top physical shape. We are happy to discuss these ideas with you or your team.

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