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Run Analysis At Carolina Sports Clinic

Carolina Sports Clinic is now offering a one-on-one Run Analysis! Select providers have been trained by the The Institute of Clinical Excellence to analyze running gait and identify patterns that may be limiting performance or contributing to pain during or after runs. This analysis is great for runners of all ages, beginner or expert, casual or high performance, injured or not. A detailed evaluation of running biomechanics will be completed using video footage taken of the runner in the clinic. From this, our docs will develop training drills and exercises to help address any compensation patterns or asymmetries that could be contributing to injury or affecting performance efficiency. In order to maximize the benefits of the analysis, the runner should be able to tolerate running for at least 15 minutes on a treadmill.

$250 for 2 One-on-One appointments which include:

First Appointment:

Second Appointment:

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