As an individual who is very active, proper recovery from exercise is just as important as exercise itself. Here are a few things to remember to improve your recovery:

Get sufficient rest
Sleep is so important for the muscles to grow and recover. Depending on the person it is recommended you get between 7 and 10 hours of sleep every night. Having a regular bedtime and wake up time can also be beneficial for a restful night.

Proper Nutrition
Supplying your body with the proper nutrients will provide fuel for the muscles not only during workouts but also for repair and growth.
Sufficient time between workouts
In order to prevent burnout and overworking your body, allow time between workouts. Never train the same muscles back to back, try to allow at least a day in between main muscle groups.

Stay Hydrated
Water is needed for all body functions, including recovery from training and competing. In order to help your muscles flush out lactic acid that is built up during training, make sure to drink more water on training days.

Foam Roll and Stretch
Foam rollings helps to release muscle fibers and increase blood flow to reduce inflammation. Rolling and stretching also helps to decrease muscle soreness, which will allow for better training and performance. Stretching counteracts tightness and tension built up in muscles to increase blood flow and range of motion. A combination of foam rolling and stretching is most effective in muscle recovery.

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