NSF V. Informed Sport

NSF Certified for Sport
There are numerous quality components of the Certified for Sport® certification program, which verifies that:

1. Products do not contain any of approximately 270+ substances banned by major athletic organizations.
2. The contents of the supplement actually match what is printed on the label.
3. There are no unsafe levels of contaminants in the tested products.
4. The product is manufactured at a facility that is GMP registered and audited twice annually for quality and safety by NSF International.


Informed Sport

Every Batch Testing – This requires testing of every batch/lot number of a certified product prior to release into market, along with the purchase and testing of quarterly blind samples.
Evolved Testing – The evolved testing program requires that a company owns their manufacturing facility. The program requires the following:
The manufacturing facility be audited by Informed-Sport. Every batch of raw material and additional blind samples are tested.


So which is best for me?

If you’re competing in NCAA or professional events, where drug testing is likely, NSF certified for sport is probably best.  NSF tests for more banned substances and also keeps batch testing of supplements for years after the product was first distributed for reference in case of the event of a positive drug test. 

Informed Sport has a slightly less extensive testing process, however this does not mean it cannot be useful.  For someone who is not concerned with being drug tested, informed sport provides assurance that the supplement does not contain any harmful substances.


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