One of the most difficult injuries for an athlete to recover from in a tear of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) of the knee. Fortunately, recent research and rehabilitation techniques have greatly improved the recovery process follow reconstruction of the ACL. The unbelievable return of NFL running back Adrian Peterson in only 6 shorts months has many athletes wondering what is the true ACL reconstruction recovery time? And when can they return to the sports they enjoy doing?

The physical therapy team at Carolina Sports Clinic South Park has developed a strong reputation as the go-to team for rehab following ACL reconstruction. Athletes from weekend warriors to National level weightlifters have entrusted their rehab in the South Park physical therapy team.

While many doctors and rehab practitioners throw out specific return to sport timelines following ACL reconstructions, it is important to understand that ACL rehab processes vary greatly between athletes, even when the exact same surgical procedures are performed.

Traditionally, return to sport decision making has focused on the strength of the knee but significant research has shown that this is not enough. Instead, more thorough testing of an athlete’s ability to move without putting the reconstructed ligament in stressful positions. The comprehensive testing performed by the Carolina Sports Clinic South Park physical therapy team ensures that ACL reconstruction recovery time is adequate to minimize the risk of a second tear of the ACL ligament.

The South Park physical therapy team utilizes several specific tests to accurately assess an athlete’s ability to return to sports following an ACL reconstruction. The tests they use include:

  • Functional movement screen
  • Y balance test
  • Squat performance
  • Triple hop testing
  • Triple hop crossover jumping
  • 6m hop test
  • Single leg squat assessment
  • Tuck jump assessment

If you are looking for the most comprehensive ACL rehab team, performing the most cutting edge tactics to get you back on the playing field, look no further than Carolina Sports Clinic South Park physical therapy. Call our office at 980-299-7853 to begin you return!



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