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Stretch Class At Carolina Sports Clinic

Mobility and stretching classes are offered out of our Uptown Location within SmartCore Fitness. With rotating instructors and rotating content, these hour long classes take you through a full body stretch. Instructors include Dr. Joshua Kollmann, Dr. Kylie Rabe, Brittany Hills, Denise Duffy, and Kelsey Schnappinger. The best part is that each instructor brings their own flare in order to give you several takes on stretching that you are able to use to optimize your function and performance!

Deep Stretch, Dynamic Stretch, Kin Stretch, Instrument Assisted Stretch with bands, mobility balls and foam rollers, and CARS Stretch are just a few of the classes offered. These classes are held three times a week and cost just $8.00 to attend. No reservations are required, drop ins welcome!

Equipment is provided on site but quantity is limited! Feel free to drop-in with your yoga mat and foam roller if you have them. These classes are for everyone and can be modified around any injuries or surgeries.

Our goal at CSC is getting you moving well and keep you moving well as long as possible. These classes are designed to increase mobility in order to increase your longevity and allow you to take control of your health and wellness outside of the office. Interested in joining us for a class? Please call 980.299.7853 for more information.

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