Research has proven that carbohydrate loading improves performance by 2-3% in events lasting longer than 90 minutes.

How does it work?
Starting 3 days before the event, when intensity of exercise is starting to taper down, consuming greater amounts of carbohydrate, 6-8g/kg/day, will increase glycogen stores and help to prevent fatigue during the event.

Does it have to be pasta?
No! If you’re not a fan of past, or fall into the 1% who have Celiac Disease, try a carbohydrate loading phase with corn, rice, yams, potatoes, chickpeas, quinoa and buckwheat.

Here are some quick tips for carbohydrate loading (3 days prior to event):

  1. Carbohydrate load daily (6-10g/kg), focus on higher end 3 days before event
  2. Taper your training leading up to your event to allow for optimal glycogen storage
  3. Keep your fat intake to 20-25% of calories
  4. Keep an eye on fiber intake
  5. Be sure your consuming a variety of carbohydrate foods

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