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Dance Medicine At Carolina Sports Clinic

Carolina Sports Clinic is now offering physical therapy care for dancers because the unique physical and aesthetic demands of dance require a specialized approach to rehabilitation.

Dance science is the scientific study of dance, aiming at the enhancement of performance, prevention of injuries, and maintaining overall well-being and health. It is something all dancers and dance educators need to be aware of in order to improve technique and avoid injuries.

When injured, dancers need specialized care to cater to the unique demands that dance places on the body. Our physical therapy evaluations assess the injury and the overall health of the dancer. A dance technique assessment is conducted in order to understand the cause of the problem and how to restore a dancer’s full function. A specialized treatment plan is geared towards dance specific rehabilitation needs. Conditioning programs will also be integrated into treatment to ensure a full return to dance performance and prevent future injuries.

To enhance performance, improve technique, and prevent injuries, dance conditioning and Pilates services are offered for healthy dancers of all levels.

Injury prevention seminars are available at our clinic or on-site at dance studios in order to educate dancers and dance educators on the importance of dancer health and wellness. On-site injury screenings and medical coverage during performances are available as well.

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